$25 – Sketch
$35 – Flats
$45 – Cell Shade

Half body

$50 – Sketch
$60 – Flats
$70 – Cell Shade

Full Body

$75 – Sketch
$85 – Flats
$95 – Cell Shade

Sketch Page

$125 – Sketch
$145 – Flats
$175 – Cell Shade
(Up to 3 poses)

Ref Sheet

$200 – Flats
$250 – Cell Shade

Extra Character

50% additional fee

Terms of Service

Prices shown are in United States Dollars (USD).

Work Flow
Once you have agreed to a commission with me, I will:  
  • Send a ROUGH SKETCH of your commission to your preferred mode of communication within 5-7 working days for your approval (Up to 3 edits are allowed).
  • Send you the FINAL commission through the email that you provided at checkout within 3 weeks once approved.
Stance against NFT
I do not allow my art to be reproduced or used as Non-Fungible Token (or NFT in short). Customers who are in violation will be banned from commissioning me in the future.

Private Commissions
Customers who do not want their commission to be posted online (either through my website or social media) by me will have to pay an additional $10 on top of the agreed commission.

Character Ownership
Please make sure that you do have full ownership of the character that you send to me. For additional character(s) other than your own, please make sure that person has given permission to use their character.

Ready to commission?

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